Users (Extensions)

It is the screen where we can manage the internal subscribers to be used in the system.

  • +Add:  In order to add a new user to your system, on the identification screen that appears by pressing the Add button:



  • Extension (Required): According to the subscriber length of the subscriber number system, it will automatically assign the lowest extension number that you can use. This number can be changed on the initial creation screen. Once the subscriber is created, it cannot be changed
  • First Name (Optional): It is recommended to enter the name of the user or, if it is a subscriber to be used in the common area, the common domain name or number.
  • Last Name (Optional): You can enter the user's last name.
  • Email Address (Optional): Enter the user's e-mail address. It is recommended to fill this field so that the user can receive the information and files required for installing and configuring 3CX Applications via mail.
  • Mobil Number (Optional): Enter the GSM information that the user has outside of the 3CX IP PBX. It is recommended that the Forward to Mobile option be used in the user's internal subscriber forwarding options.
  • Outbound Caller ID (Optional): İşlemetmenizin sahip olduğu Enter the number information assigned to the user from the outside line numbers owned by your business. Number information that you want to appear on the other party's screen when this user initiates an outside call.dış hat numaralarından kullanıcıya atanmış olan numara bilgisini giriniz. Bu kullanıcı bir dış arama başlattığında karşıtarafın ekranında görünmesini istediğiniz numara bilgisi.

A subscriber number created in the 3CX System cannot be changed. In cases where subscriber number change is required, a new subscriber number should be created and the old subscriber number should be deleted and continued. The IP phone defined for the old subscriber must be reconfigured for the new subscriber number.


Import / Export CSV option:

It is a method of creating subscribers in bulk, which you can use if the number of users in your office is over 50.

Note: Before starting this process, it is recommended to take a backup of the latest version of the system.

  1. It is recommended that you have prepared an excel file that contains the subscriber number, name, surname, e-mail address, gsm number information of your company employees in separate columns beforehand.
  2. Download and prepare the excel file containing the macro from the "Download 3CX V16 SP7 Batch Extensions Creation Tool" under the other heading in the Files menu.
  3. Run the Excel tool you downloaded from our site
  • Proceed by entering the appropriate data in the column headings on the "extensions(Ctrl+M)" page of the excel file you have downloaded the information in the excel list you have prepared beforehand.

Note: The Number field is required. when you fill in this field, the cells will be highlighted with blue (required fields) and yellow (optional) colors. Although the yellow fields are not mandatory, it is recommended to be filled in for the management and configuration of the system.

  • After the relevant fields are filled, automatically fill in other fields required by the 3CX system by pressing the Create Auth Password, Create PIN Number and Add Default Settings buttons on the "Settings" page in the excel file.

  • After the lines are filled, create the extensions.csv file by entering the directory path where you will save the file in the "Enter the directory path" field on the "Settings" page.
  1. From the 3CX Management console, go to the Extensions menu and select Import CSV from the options under the Import button and show the extensions.csv file you created.
Important !!!

When using the method to import subscribers from CSV file.

  • You cannot use Turkish characters in the CSV file.
  • Extensions defined in your system are not overwritten, extensions that are in your file but not in the system are created.
  • 499 subscribers can be created at a time. For 500 or more operations, you should create 2. 3. csv files and take into account the number of lines in each subsequent file. eg. Since file 1 ends at line 499, file 2 must start at line 500.
  • By deleting an existing extension (extension) in the system and throwing it again in the csv file, the past call records of the subscriber, which is deleted in the update process, are not deleted from the system. The deleted subscriber is deleted from the Group, Ring Group, Queue definitions. After reloading from the csv file, they need to be added back to the respective groups.



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